About us

BE Supper club

Once Upon a Time there were three friends who longed for something different. They wanted  a beautiful venue, meticulously crafted specialty cocktails, uniquely sourced wine and champagne, afternoon tea and… was it too much to ask for some live entertainment? And as long as we’re dreaming, could it be just a few minutes from home? But they just couldn’t seem to find what they were looking for. So they decided to build it themselves. 

Also known as Aries, Iyda and Burgandie, these three entrepreneurs may be instrumental players in the burgeoning Renaissance of the Redondo Riviera, but they would tell you they're mothers first. They live, work and play right here in Redondo Beach. They own Oui Beach and ShortBreak boutiques in the Riviera Village. They run schools and design million dollar homes and curate a homeopathic skin care line. They unofficially sponsor future pro surfers, soccer players and basketball players (aka their kids). 

And now they’re bringing their “Belle Epoque” - their “Beautiful Age” - home to the South Bay. Make sure you say hello the next time you see
them - preferably with a laugh and a smile and a toast of champagne. They’ll be the ones having the most fun.

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